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If you're looking for specific keywords to research in either Google or Bing, try using Web Searcher.

This freeware allows you to extract links and titles from the two search engines. Then you can check the rank of each URL you pulled.

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When looking for places you've visited online, there's a few options afforded to you.

If you want a comprehensive search, then try using MyLastSearch.

This freeware allows you to scan your cache, and history files to locate search queries made in your web browser.

If you're looking for some easy ways to get link backs to your site, directories are an easy avenue. The problem is finding quality directories, which help rank.

Try using NDB Directory Submitter to make sure your site is being submitted to quality directories.

When searching the Internet for a topic, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. Try using PopSites, for a reference as where to start.

Looking for the best place for SEO advice? Then Popsites can help you discover the best places to find it.

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