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For some people, it can be hard trying to pay attention when reading online. If you find yourself getting distracted by images, ads, and videos when trying to read, then use TidyRead.

This freeware allows you to extract text from a site and read it separately. It's a Firefox add-on, and has a simple and quick interface.

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Most people know of two web browsers, Internet Explorer and Firefox. There's a third called Google Chrome that has been carving its own niche in the market. Someone has taken the source of the browser and enhanced it, creating ChromePlus.

This version of the browser allows the speed and functionality of Chrome, while adding some key features from the other more established browsers.

The idea of a search engine goes beyond just the Internet. If you have enough information gathered in a location, then having a search engine is a good idea. To assist with this idea, try using Zoom Search Engine.

This freeware allows you to create a search engine for your own website, intranet, CD, or DVD.

When people think of internet search, the generally think of words and phrases. A lot of search is for media, such pictures, and videos.

If you're a Firefox user, and would like a browser add-on built around media search, try using CoolIris.

This search add-on has a unique interface, optimized for media browsing.

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