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When people think of internet search, the generally think of words and phrases. A lot of search is for media, such pictures, and videos.

If you're a Firefox user, and would like a browser add-on built around media search, try using CoolIris.

This search add-on has a unique interface, optimized for media browsing.

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Site owners are more obsessed with search engines then just about anyone out there. If you're one of these owners, then let CuteRank help with optimization.

This app allows users to track performance across multiple search engines.

When people think of search, their minds instantly think of Google or Yahoo. The world of search is bigger than that though. If you're someone who uses fewer sites, but uses them frequently, then try out 2-Alt.

This freeware program indexes sites and allows you to search within them for content. It also works on files directly on your computer as well.

Sometimes when searching the Internet, you're looking for the fastest means to browse. If you're looking for nothing but speed, then try using iMetaSearch.

This highly simplistic search application provides one-click browsing, with a simple listing structure.

Once you've completed a search, you can even export the results to Excel for analysis.

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